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A pilgrim and a sojourner longing for the deeper realities. Drawing from the ancient Wellspring of Judah and finding inspiration in places others try to avoid. Taking the time to look beyond the reflection upon the waters to the treasures beneath the surface that have been shaped by the streams that are ancient and whose source is hidden from the proud. Longing for pure waters that flow from pure lips and a heart that sees beyond the veil and truly knows Him who is of old. Embracing the joy of being a stranger and a sign and wonder through pain and joy and knowing a communion beyond the superficialities of this life. Yearning to be a reflection and a mirror of the heavenly Man causing others to ascend the mountain and die the death that brings true Life. Seeking a Heart that is unsearchable and longing to live a life that is the pen of a ready writer who receives the images of the heavenly and reveals them through a vessel that is of dust and broken that the Treasure few truly know would be revealed.

Elijah Seth

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